Your experience

Firstly, you will be welcomed into my comfortable studio in Hornchurch where we can then take time to discuss your requirements so that I establish the types of photos you would like me to capture.

Sittings normally take around 1 hour, with larger groups I will need to discuss your requirements to ensure we have enough time allocated so that the session is not rushed.

I want your experience to be enjoyable, I don't spend too much time sitting you in awkward poses or ordering you to smile at the camera. I like people to look natural and I want you to enjoy the experience. Whether it's shots of the kids, family portraits or whatever else you fancy I keep it lighthearted and fun.

I often get asked questions like "What clothing should I wear? "

The easy answer is whatever you feel comfortable in as I like to photograph people in a relaxed natural way - however, if you want some general pointers:

•You should all 'blend' - that doesn't mean 'match' however if three of you wear dark colours and one of you wears bright cerise, eyes will be drawn to the person in pink who will dominate the photograph.
•Avoid large logos or graphics - these draw attention away from the face and can date the photograph very quickly.
•Don't forget the socks! - I will ask you to take your shoes off as they can damage the material I use to create the white background, so avoid the old favourites with the big toe sticking through or comedy / bright coloured ones as these will distract the viewer.
•Avoid bold patterns - spots stripes of vivid floral prints can again detract from the subjects faces.
•Parents - sometimes children can be a bit shy and nervous. It's often a good idea to bring a few favourite toys along with you to relax them or even have in the shot as well. You could even bring a favourite outfit for them to get changed into if you like.
•A note about glasses - glasses can be the plague of portraits. I can light portraits in such a way as to avoid excessive reflections but this can limit the options and poses. If you think you look odd without them then I'm more than happy to work with it however you may want to consider leaving them off during the shoot or if you have an old pair you don't use anymore you could pop the lenses out and wear them instead.

Where you would like to display your portraits?

Just something you may like to think about, have a look round your home and chosen the room/wall to display your photos, let me know is it for a feature wall or just to update your family albums? This will help me decide what size & style of portraits will suit your needs best.

Just to remember portraits also make excellent gifts for your family and friends for all occasions.


Once the sitting has finished, we will then make a further appointment so that I may present to you the final collection so that you can make your choices.

I will then spend time editing your images maybe changing some to black and white, leaving just one accent colour, or sepia so that I can provide you with a tailor made collection to suit your needs.

Please be reassured there is NO hard selling, I have heard some horror stories where people get bullied into spending more than they can afford. I do not charge a sitting fee because I believe and hope that you love the images so much that you will want to purchase them because you love them.

Once you have made your final choice and payment has been made your portraits will be ordered. Your finished portraits will be ready to collect within approximately two weeks.

I really hope you enjoy your photographic experience with me and that you love your images for years to come....